Need a Place to Store Your Fur?

Need a Place to Store Your Fur?

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If you're not sure how to store a fur coat, get in touch with the specialists at Raffaele Furs & Boutique today. Our facility in Lafayette, LA features a state-of-the-art fur coat storage unit designed for short-term and long-term storage solutions. Short-term seasonal storage is from March to November and long-term storage is year round.

No matter the fur type or coat style, you can trust us to store your fur investments the right way. Call 337-234-0900 now for a free estimate on fur coat storage.

Details about our fur coat storage process

Have you ever wondered how to store a fur coat? At Raffaele Furs & Boutique in Lafayette, LA, we have the perfect solution. Our local facility is equipped with a climate-controlled storage unit that's constantly set to 55 degrees and 25% humidity-the ideal settings for fur coat storage.

When you choose us for your storage needs, we'll:

Inspect your item and make note of any pre-existing damage
Handle your fur with care as we hang it and place it the storage unit
Check your piece regularly to ensure it remains in tiptop shape

Ready to take your fur coat out of storage? Visit our store today to collect your beautiful piece.