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In 1979, Raffaele Furs & Boutique opened its doors and quickly became a local leader in the fur business. Today, our fur boutique in Lafayette, LA is known for unbeatable service and unparalleled quality. Each real fur coat we craft is the ideal combination of ready-to-wear fashion and luxurious fur that you'll love and others will notice.

Our fur boutique is also proud to feature pieces from designers like Black Halo, Teri Jon, Terani Couture and Alberto Makali.

Don't miss out on the incredible fur products at our local store. Visit Raffaele Furs & Boutique to check out our selection for yourself.

Details about our fur services

Ready to add a real fur coat to your collection? Residents of Lafayette, LA turn to Raffaele Furs & Boutique. Our local store features a wide variety of gorgeous ready-to-wear fur coats, and our local fur experts also offer custom fur coat design services. If you can dream it, we can design it for you.

We also offer a variety of other fur services, including:

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Get to know Raffaele Raimondi

From a young age, Raffaele Raimondi knew what he wanted to become-a furrier. At the age of seven, Raffaele began his journey as a tailor's apprentice, and by the age of 13, he was already learning to make fur coats. As he grew older and his skills became more advanced, Raffaele was hired by one of Italy's top fur companies, Melloni Furs. This new role allowed him to learn that each type of fur is unique, and every piece he works with must be cared for and assembled differently.

Later, Raffaele traveled to the United States, and after years of hard work, he was able to open his first shop in 1979 in Lafayette. Thanks to immense success, he was able to open a second fur boutique in Baton Rouge, LA.

Raffaele and his team still work hard to this day to perfect their craft, and it shows in the incredible fur coats they produce.


Originating in 1979, Raffaele Custom Furs has become a renowned name in the fur business in Louisiana. Raffaele Custom Furs pairs ready to wear fashion with luxurious, couture fur. Raffaele's is synonymous with quality in all aspects of his business. His top clothing brands include designer fashions from Black Halo, Teri Jon, Terani, and Alberto Makali.

Each fur can be custom-measured to the customer's specification, or a ready-to-wear fur can be selected from his ready-to-wear collection. Raffaele's tireless dedication to detail and quality always lead to masterpieces that last generations.

Raffaele Raimondi is the owner, designer, furrier and buyer of Raffaele's Custom Furs. Raffaele started his journey in Italy just as a young boy with dreams of becoming a master furrier. He began apprenticing with a tailor at the age of 7. At just 13, he fell in love with the process of making fur coats.

Later he worked for Italy's fur power house, Melloni Furs, where he learned most of his furrier skills. Melloni Furs was one of the exclusive furriers for the Italian Royal family when Italy was under monarchy. He learned from Melloni that fur is unique and different than fabric and every piece must be cared for and assembled differently.

Upon arriving in the United States, Raffaele immediately put his skills to good use at Godchaux's fur department in New Orleans. Upon years of determination and tireless dedication, Raffaele opened his first store front in 1979 in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1983, Raffaele added women's ready-to-wear to his collection.

In 2003, he expanded to a second location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Raffaele's Custom Furs offers fur services as well including fur restyling, cold fur storage, fur cleaning and gazing, and complete fur services. Both stores now carry ready to wear gowns for cocktail and evening events in addition to day time wear.