Refresh Your Old Fur Coat

Refresh Your Old Fur Coat

Choose us for fur coat cleaning service in Lafayette, LA

An internet search for "how to clean your fur coat" might turn up a variety of at-home solutions, but it can't guarantee results like Raffaele Furs & Boutique. Over the years, our fur coat cleaning specialist in Lafayette, LA has helped countless fur lovers keep their prized possessions in tiptop shape.

Whether your coat smells musty after months in storage or is dirty from frequent wear, you can depend on us to have it looking and smelling its best in no time.

For additional details about our fur coat cleaning services, call Raffaele Furs & Boutique now at 337-234-0900.

Leave cleaning to the pros

When your fur coat needs to be cleaned, don't take your valuable article to just any dry cleaner in Lafayette, LA. Don't rely on video tutorials on "how to clean your fur coat," either. For fresh, reliable results, choose Raffaele Furs & Boutique.

During your fur coat cleaning, we'll:

Create a custom cleaning plan based on the fur type
Use fur-safe cleaners and essential oils to clean and refresh the fur
Inspect your fur coat inside and out to ensure it looks better than when you dropped it off

Why is regular fur coat cleaning important? We recommend regular cleaning to prevent damage from regular wear, to save money on repairs and to maintain the value of your fur investment.

To learn more about our fur coat cleaning services, contact Raffaele Furs & Boutique today.